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Updated: Mar 13

Black Health and Wellness Meetup Tomorrow (Saturday) 03/13/2021 @ 10am (PST)

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“The ZOLA Experience is a tool for change and healing fueled by the power of Love” …Katurah Bryant

As a result of the impact of grief and loss due to the “COVID-19 pandemic”, the financial crisis, and social change, many individuals and communities are struggling to find acceptance and closure.

The most obvious loss is the loss of loved ones. As a result of this unique “testing time”, how people transition with loss has changed, and family members are not allowed to take part in the transition process. This has created a level of grief and loss that makes closure challenging.

We are suffering the loss of health, careers, retirement options, not to mention incomes and wealth. The purpose of this training is to train clinicians and community providers to incorporate The ZOLA Experience into their practice and community engagement.

The ZOLA Experience facilitator will then be equipped to utilize this intervention in a variety of settings from community to formal treatment settings; individual or group settings.

The goal is to have a community of facilitators trained in the “ZOLA Experience” available to be able to work with a great variety of individuals and families in support of their recovery process from loss.

Katurah A. Bryant, MS-LMFT, BSN-RN, LADC , Author and Creator of “THE ZOLA EXPERIENCE” A Certificate Program for Providers Contact Katurah A. Bryant at: 203-915-6301

Register in advance for this meeting:

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