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The ZOLA Experience is the essence of the process of grief, as well as the essence of life. “Zola” is an African origin word that means “to love”. The moving on past the loss is a true testament of “Love”... love of self, as well as love of the lost love object that is no longer there.

Grieving from a loss is as unique to the individual as one’s fingerprints. No two people go through this process alike. The commonality of the experience of grief after a loss is that we all will experience it, and we all must find our way through the experience.

The ZOLA Experience is designed as a brief intervention, seven (7) sessions. The sessions are most impactful in a group setting. However, the sessions can be facilitated in an individual setting as well, with minimal modifications.

Katurah A. Bryant, MS-LMFT, BSN-RN, LADC Founder and Creator of “THE ZOLA EXPERIENCE” A Certificate Program for Providers

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